At long last, we have The Prober™ in stock and we are taking orders via our online store. If you are a termite inspector, whole house inspector, or real estate appraiser, you may have the need for a dry rot probe or termite damage probe. Before The Prober™ all probes were hand made. Many inspectors use ski poles, sharpened paint roller cages, pocket knives, screw drivers, etc. These are not the right tool for the job. The Prober™ was specifically designed for the job of probing wood. It is durable and will last you a very long time. As an added bonus, it has female ACME threads on the end of it which means it can be attached to any extension pole. By attaching it to a probe, you will be able to inspect the upper eaves for dry rot and termite damage from ground level, thus eliminating the need for a ladder. This will reduce your time on the job site, as well as fall hazards.