Frequently Asked Questions

What does The Prober™ do?

The Prober™ was professionally designed and engineered to do one job – inspect exterior wood for dry rot, moisture damage, and termite damage. With the addition of an extension pole, you can probe roof eaves, second story window trim, and chimneys from ground level saving you time and labor, not to mention eliminating the chance of injury from using a ladder.

Will The Prober™ fit on any extension pole?

Yes. Through trial and error, we found that by setting the ACME thread on The Prober™ at 5 TPI (threads per inch) it would fit on all extension poles, even those that have 4 TPI or 6 TPI end on them.

Who is The Prober™ for?

The Prober™ is a must-have for all whole house inspectors, termite inspectors, home appraisers, and house painters. It can even be used by homeowners that want to locate damage prior to hiring a contractor or painter.

Can The Prober™ be made to match my company colors?

The Prober™ currently comes in blue and red. If you would like to order a custom color, please contact us for a consultation. There is a minimum order quantity of 250 units. And typical delivery time is 6 to 8 weeks from the date of the custom order.