Inspection Implements, Inc. was founded in December 2016 to serve as a distributor for termite inspection tools. Their flagship tool is the patent pending Prober™. Like many tools, The Prober™ was born out of necessity. Every inspector carries a dry rot inspection tool of some kind. Until now, every one of them was home made from household items. Creator Brian Wickstrom, President of Woodland-Davis Termite & Pest Control, Inc. made crude versions of The Prober™ by hand for years from traditional paint rollers. Others in the home inspection and termite inspection industry use ski poles, screwdrivers taped to a broom handle, and wood dowels with a nail on the end. None of these were very good and certainly were not professional looking.

The Prober™ solved these problems. It is specifically designed and engineered to do one job, and do it right – probing wood. And with its universal Acme threads on the end, it can be attached to any extension pole which means you can probe the roof and eaves up to 24 feet off the ground without the use of a ladder.

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