The Prober

A Professional Tool for Inspection Professionals

The Prober™ changed the way I perform my inspections. My first tool was a wooden stick with a screwdriver taped on the end. It always fell off and looked unprofessional. I struggled with other options until I found The Prober™. It’s very easy to use, professional, and inexpensive. I consider it one of the best tools I’ve ever purchased.

Damon Eden, Owner  20/20 Home Inspections LLC
Damon Eden, Owner

I love purpose-built tools designed for our industry.  The Prober™ is a fine example of that type of device.  Assessments and evaluations are critical to getting termite work done properly.  This tool allows a PMP to perform that function far more professionally and effectively.  Far less chance of damage to finished areas in a client’s property is always a plus.  The fact that it can be attached to an extension pole easily increases the places it can be used.  The Prober™ is an essential tool for the termite control professional.  Clients seeing it in use will have a greater peace of mind seeing their PMP using a tool that will not cause unnecessary damage to their property.

Jeff McGovern, Pest Coach 
Jeff McGovern, Pest Coach

So far, the comments on the probes have been very favorable and the guys seem to really like them. They are looking forward to getting the poles to reach soffits and eaves for inspections.

Liz Harper, Office Manager, Paralegal  Campbell Law
Liz Harper, Office Manager, Paralegal

I invented The Prober™ because I wanted a durable and professional looking tool to replace my home-made version. I think you will be very happy with your purchase and your clients will be impressed when they see you are using a real tool for the job, not a ski pole, cut off paint roller, or a nail in a broom handle!

Brian Wickstrom  Inspection Implements, Inc.
Brian Wickstrom